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Date:  Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM To Noon
Bases: Woodlawn State Park and Evangola State Park (Free admission)  
Do your part to help mother nature!
  At any of the 300 beaches in New York  Great Lakes Beach Sweep Site List 
To compile data to devise strategies to combat pollution
To increase public participation in solving the problems of pollution
To increase public appreciation of the coastal environment
Who: Thousands of Volunteers from local groups, students, scouts, dive clubs, civic organizations, corporations, government agencies and the general public
Contact: Sharen Trembath, Lake Erie Coordinator:
(716) 549-4330 
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MicroPlastic October 29, 2013 at 3:38 pm
Great Lakes Mayors Seek Action On 'Microplastics'

Traverse City — An organization representing more than 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada asked federal and industry officials Tuesday for action on the recently discovered problem of “microplastic” pollution in the Great Lakes. Over the past two years, scientists have reported finding thousands of plastic bits — some visible only under a microscope — in the lakes that make up nearly one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water. Large masses of floating plastics also have been detected in the world’s oceans. Scientists believe some are abrasive “microbeads” used in personal care products such as facial and body washes, deodorants and toothpaste. They’re so minuscule that they flow through screens at waste treatment plants and wind up in the lakes, where fish and aquatic birds might eat them, mistaking them for fish eggs. They also could absorb toxins. “Even though you cannot see them, they pose a very real threat to human and wildlife health,” said John Dickert, mayor of Racine, Wis., and secretary-treasurer of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. The group sent letters to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its counterpart, Environment Canada, asking what they plan to do about the problem. David Ullrich, the organization’s executive director, acknowledged it could take years to develop a regulatory crackdown on microplastics. In the meantime, his group is sending letters to 11 companies that use microplastics, asking them to switch to biodegradable alternatives. Some are doing so. Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson have said they’ll phase out microbeads, and L’Oreal says it won’t develop new products that include them. “We think it makes more sense to appeal directly to the people involved and say, ‘Let’s work together and try to solve the problem; let’s do the right thing,’ ” Ullrich said. Additionally, the group is encouraging mayors in the eight states and two Canadian provinces adjoining the lakes to urge residents to buy products without microbeads. “We’re not calling for a boycott, but we’re asking citizens to inform themselves,” Ullrich said. Scientists led by chemist Sherri Mason of State University of New York at Fredonia and the 5 Gyres Institute, a nonprofit group based in California, took samples from all five Great Lakes in 2012 and again this year by skimming the surfaces with trawl nets attached to vessels. In a paper published online by Marine Pollution Bulletin, they reported finding the plastic bits in Lakes Erie, Huron and Superior, with the highest concentrations in Erie. Mason said samples taken this summer from Lakes Michigan and Ontario are still being analyzed, but initial inspections turned up microplastics from both. Pressuring companies to phase out microplastics quickly in favor of biodegradable abrasives such as grape and apricot seeds is the best way to deal with the problem, Mason said. Because of their size and wide distribution, there’s no practical way to remove the particles from the lakes. “Unfortunately, once they get into the water, they get widely distributed,” she said. “You can’t just go out and filter all the water.”
Oil From Plastic Click Here To View A Video About Making Oil From Plastic

Lake Erie Beach Park Cleanup 6-20-2013 6-20-2013

Beach Sweep At Lake Erie Beach Park

12-2012: SUNY Fredonia Study Finds High Level of Plastics in Great Lakes

Pharmaceuticals Latest Danger To Great Lakes
Sunday, June 12, 2011 03:14 AM

Click Here To Read The Article   - Asian carp, cormorants, exotic mussels, mitten crabs, ruffes, gobies, spiny water fleas, blue-green algae, gizzard shad, rainbow smelt, sea lampreys, alewives, white perch. Isn't it sufficient that Lake Erie is a biotic stew crawling with trouble? More . . . . .

Our Energy Future: Determined by Science or Lobbyists?
Presented by John Droz, Jr. Physicist and Environmental Activist
OCTOBER 15, 2010 7:00 PM
Location: The Rapids Theater, 1711 Main Street, Niagara Falls New York
Admission is free! The public is encouraged to attend.
"With energy being one of the top three issues facing our nation and it having ever increasing impact on our daily lives (financially and environmentally), I believe it is important that people have a greater understanding of how our energy policy decisions are made, and the tactics being used by lobbyists to advance their products and causes," said Mr. Droz.
"Our nation's energy policy involves serious technical, economic and environmental challenges and it's important that citizens get educated on such technical matters — and then insist that their representatives make decisions based on science rather than politics" Droz said. "There is well over a trillion dollars at stake regarding electrical energy — in addition to potentially enormous impacts on our environment. This is worth getting up-to-speed on."
We are concerned about the proposed Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project (GLOW) for Lake Ontario and or Lake Erie. There are environmental, navigation, and economic concerns over this proposal. The New York Power Authority under Rich Kessel is pushing ahead at great speed before the public can be heard. The Power Authority wants to name a developer soon so that they (NYPA) can avoid dealing with the residents of NYS. NYPA is an unelected authority that answers to no one. Please attend this presentation and learn how wind energy is functions with the grid and if there are any benefits for New York State residents.
Similar plans are being pushed in Ontario so this is not just a New York State issue, the same concerns are relevant for both New York Sate and Ontario. It is important that everyone becomes informed.
Mr. Droz's presentation on the subject is considered to be the best in the country. So do not miss this highly informative presentation.
This event is being sponsored by the Great Lakes Citizens Action Group, NY Director for the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council and the Rapids Theater.
Please help us spread the word about this event.
Thomas Marks
NY Director
Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council
Derby, NY 14047
Asian Carp Threatens Lake Erie
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On Earth Day the Council is opening the door to data for New Yorkers. Access to information about New York State is made easier today with the launch of a new “Data Portal” feature added to the New York Ocean and Great Lakes Atlas . The Portal expands the capability of the New York Ocean and Great Lakes Atlas (Atlas) – a web mapping application for viewing and downloading information.
The Council continues its mandate to make information on New York ecosystems and places freely available to the public and decision makers. Citizens can now easily search for information by simply typing key words into the Data Portal search box. The Data Portal has an easy to use keyword search function which searches 396 currently available sets of information. For public users, the Data Portal can open selected information right into GoogleEarth (a free data viewer) in addition to other formats used by geographic information technology professionals.
Now Atlas users can explore questions such as: What information has been collected related to wetlands? Where are the sea grass beds? How close is a proposed building to preserved lands, roads, and streams? Or, what’s the population difference between two counties? The Portal is a valuable tool that helps all New Yorkers to be better informed and better understand our environment, and the world around us. The Portal can be accessed directly at or through the Atlas Data Viewer at:
The next planned phase of the Atlas will fully integrate the Data Portal with the Atlas Data Viewer application and add an additional 500 data sets.

Seal Wearing Plastic Bag The Real Cost Of Plastic Bags!
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